A Moonlit Kiss 

music for unique events

If you're looking for soulful music to accompany you towards & beyond that first kiss, nothing is richer than the burnished sound of the cello. With its seductive masculine & feminine voicing, I am happy to create that ambiance with my trusted Team.

I take pride in offering personalized attention as you share which style/genre (Pop, Jazz, Classical, Bossa, International, Latin, Fiddling) speaks most deeply to you and your fiancé. I am happy to offer insight about timing and make sure everything goes off without a hitch while you get hitched. Whichever Style & Instrumental preferences, you'll be enveloped by a unique ensemble that will make your hearts sing!

I feel honored to share this priceless moment with you as well as reflecting the diversity that we are in the SF Bay Area. From Solo Cello to Jazz Quartet, we also offer Reception or Cocktail music for all events.

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My name is Reyna (Claudia) Portillo Vergara.


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